What is Green Globes Fit-up?
Green Globes Fit-up is both a guide and an assessment protocol for the design of commercial interiors. Using a confidential questionnaire, the program generates an on-line report. Green Globes helps to integrate green design principles in a fit-up that will be energy and resource efficient, and will provide a healthier and more productive environment.

How does it work?

A confidential questionnaire evaluates how the best energy and environmental design practices and standards are being met. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the program generates an automated report. The report contains scores for each module (energy, water, resources, indoor environment etc.), highlights of the design achievements, suggestions for improving the design, and links to information on building systems and management.

Simple Steps

1. If you are a new user, register on line. If you are an existing user, log-on using your password.
2. Input a new project or select an existing project record to update.
3. Complete the survey. The survey comprises six sections (project management, energy, water, resources, emissions, and indoor environment). Each section consists of one or more pages of questions. It is not required that you complete the sections in any particular order.
Very important: After entering your answers to a page of questions, click the “Submit” button. You can return and continue to enter or update answers at any time.
4. Review the report. You can update your report at any time as you make improvements to your design.
5. You can print the “printer friendly” version of the report. To make edits or adjust the formatting or look and feel of report, simply copy the “printer friendly” report to wordprocessing program.