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Completing survey for a demo building.

Updating information for Demo Building (Office)

Please read the following important information before starting to complete the survey.

It is highly recommended that the Green Globes Survey be completed using Internet Explorer version 5 or later, or other browser with equivalent features. Support for cookies must be enabled in order to use this site, and support for JavaScript and Tool Tips is required in order to take advantage of the Tool Tips feature. Text that appears in blue like this has an explanatory Tool Tip which will appear when the mouse cursor is placed over the text, in a compatible browser.

To assist in completing the survey the entire survey is available for download in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. You may download this document and print a copy to help you gather all the required information about your building(s), so you will be prepared to answer all the questions. To access the survey in PDF format click on the link below:

Download demo Green Globes Fit-up survey in PDF format (29 Kb)

To save the PDF file to your local disk right-click on the link and chose "Save as..." from the pop-up menu, otherwise, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, the PDF file will appear for viewing directly from your browser.

The survey consists of six sections:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Resources
  • Emissions
  • Indoor environment
  • Management

It is not required that you complete the sections in a particular order. You can jump to a particular section at any time by clicking the appropriate button in the menu at the left of the page.

Each section consists of one or more pages of questions. When you complete the submission of the answers for a survey page you will automatically be passed on to the next page of survey questions.

Very Important: After entering your answers to a page of survey questions you must click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page in order to submit the information you have entered. If you enter information but do not click the "Submit" button (e.g. you leave the page by using the menu at the left, or your browser's "Back" button), then the information you have entered will not have updated your saved Building Profile and will be discarded.

Once you click the "Submit" button for a survey page the information you have entered will then be checked, and you will be immediately notified if there are any basic problems with its format, consistency etc. You will be asked to resolve these problems by modifying your answers appropriately.

If you click the "Submit" button and are not prompted with regard to any problems with your answers, then this means your answers for that page have been accepted and updated to your saved Building Profile. Those answers will now be reflected at any future time you display a report or access the relevant survey page for the building in question.

In order for the final report to be most meaningful you should respond to all questions on all of the survey pages. However, you do not need to do this during one visit, or within any particular time-frame. You can return and continue to enter or revise answers to any of the survey questions for any of your buildings at any time.

You may exit from the survey at any time by using any of the selections on the menu at the left of each page. Please note, again, that if you have entered information that you wish to save on the current page then you should click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to update the Building Profile. If you leave the survey any information entered but not submitted will be discarded. However, all the information you have submitted is safely saved and will appear when you return.

In order to work with your Green Globes building data, including completing survey sections and viewing reports, you must be logged in to the Green Globes system and maintain an active connection. If there is no activity in your session, i.e. you do not submit or request any pages, for a continuous period of 60 minutes, then your session will be 'timed out'. This is for your protection, in order to maintain the integrity and security of the system. In the event that your session 'times out' due to inactivity and you then attempt to submit information or to request a new page from the private section of the site, you will be automatically passed back to the 'login' page and requested to log in again.

To start the survey from the beginning please click the button below. Alternatively you may click the appropriate button in the menu at left to jump directly to a particular survey section. Thank you for using Green Globes.