Green Globes Criteria

For New Construction (including major renovation) projects, the NC 2013 and NC 2021 assessment areas are shown below:

Green Globes for New Construction NC 2013 NC 2021
Requirements for Certification
Achieve minimum 35% of total applicable points out of 1000 possible points.
Total Possible Points Per Assessment Area
Project Management 50 100
Site 115 150
Energy 390 260
Water Efficiency 110 190
Materials 125 150
Emissions* 50 N/A
Indoor Environment 160 150
Total Points 1000 1000
*Emissions criteria are re-distributed throughout all six assessment
areas in NC 2021

NC-2013 NC-2021
Learn more about the updates and changes in NC 2021 here.

Not applicable

Not all criteria are relevant to all projects in all circumstances. Where it is impossible for a project to meet certain criteria or where regional conditions preclude meeting criteria, these can be marked "not applicable". This may apply for example where the project cannot reuse an existing structure because there isn't one, or where a project does not warrant snow protection because there is no snow in that climatic region.

Partial Credit

Many Green Globes criteria use threshold responses, allowing the project to obtain incremental credit depending on the level of achievement. In addition, third-party assessors are able to award partial credit for achievements, based on professional judgment.