What is Green Globes?

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Imagine an assessment tool designed by people who hate wasting time as much as you do. The straightforward questionnaire format, written in lay terms, is easy to complete whether you have environmental design experience - or not

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You can begin using the tool right away. No training courses are needed. All you need is a computer with internet access

What is Green Globes?

Green Globes is an online green building rating and certification tool. There are Green Globes modules for:

The Green Globes New Construction and Existing Buildings assessments can be used for a wide range of commercial, institutional and multi-residential building types including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, academic and industrial facilities, warehouses, laboratories and sports facilities.

A brief history

The genesis of Green Globes, similar to LEED and many other systems around the world was BREEAM, developed in the UK in the 1980's. Based on the 1996 CSA publication of BREEAM Canada, Green Globes for Existing Buildings was developed in 2000 as the first online system.

Green Globes for New Buildings Canada followed shortly thereafter, with the support of the Canadian Department of National Defense and Public Works and Government Services. In 2004, the system was adapted for the USA, where it is administered by the GBI (The Green Building Initiative), a standards developer through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Since then, the assessments have undergone numerous periodic updates including the addition of other building types, the most recent being the updates to the New Construction and Office Fit-ups modules based on the ANSI standard.

Why Green Globes?

Green Globes is arguably the most user-friendly and affordable certification system. This is because:

Is Green Globes New Construction as credible as LEED?

Green Globes is based primarily on ASHRAE standards and on the ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings. Both the Canadian and the US federal governments endorse the use of Green Globes. The federal government in Canada has been using Green Globes New Construction for more than a decade. In 2013, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recommended Green Globes and LEED as the two certification options for federal government construction projects. This recommendation followed a review of all major certification systems, as required by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. In the past, several projects that have undergone both Green Globes and LEED certifications - and have attained comparable levels of ratings.

The following table highlights some of the similarities and differences of the two methodologies.


Green Globes


Uses ANSI approved consensus development process



Nationally accepted program



Program delivery

Online interactive questionnaires

Online submission of templates

Total program points



Partial credits and recognizes that some criteria may be not applicable






Uses life cycle assessment and multiple attribute evaluations



Forest certifications accepted



Time to complete documentation


Time Time Time Time

Cost to certify a typical building


$ $ $ $