Certification Procedure

What is the certification procedure for Green Globes New Construction?

Green Globes for New Construction certification requires two assessments: a Preliminary Assessment and a Final Assessment. Further, each assessment is divided into two stages: the Client Evaluation, during which the client completes the online questionnaire, and the Assessor Review, during which the assigned third-party assessor verifies the questionnaire responses.

The Preliminary Assessment - Assessor Review is a review of the project design and should occur when the construction documents are complete. The Final Assessment - Assessor Review is either a virtual site visit or in-person site visit (depending on the size of the project), and should occur after construction is complete but, ideally, prior to occupancy.

Step 1. Complete the online questionnaire. When you access your project for the first time in the Green Globes online system, it will be in the Preliminary Assessment - Client Evaluation stage. During this stage, you will complete the online questionnaire and upload your supporting documentation. You can upload documentation at the criterion level via the Activity Log or at the project level via the Manage Documents button on the Project Dashboard. It is especially helpful if you use the comment feature within the Activity Log to indicate where the pertinent information is found within the uploaded documentation. Supporting documentation may include the following: drawings, specifications, energy modeling report and files, life cycle assessment results, minutes of integrated design meetings, environmental product declarations, lighting design report, etc.

Step 2. Submit for preliminary assessor review. When you are satisfied with your responses in the questionnaire, click "Submit for Assessor Review" from the Project Dashboard. You will be shown a list of criteria that have not yet been answered (if applicable) and will have the opportunity to complete them. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, you will no longer be able to change your responses. Please note that you cannot submit for review if your project has not been registered. If your project is still in Free Trial mode, you will need to register your project and pay the $2000 CAD registration fee before you can submit.

Step 3. Purchase verification services. When you submit for review, a Green Globes administrator will contact you to discuss the third-party verification fees for your project. A price list for these services can be found here. Payment for each Assessor Review is required in advance.

Step 4. Assessor performs initial review. The assigned third-party assessor will perform a comprehensive review of your online questionnaire and supporting documentation. The assessor will attempt to verify as many criteria as possible at this stage and will complete an assessor version of the questionnaire (called the Assessor Worksheet) through the Green Globes online system. This is typically an iterative process involving requests from the assessor for clarification or further information.

Step 5. Review the Preliminary Assessment Report. When the assessor has completed the Assessor Worksheet and it has been approved by a Green Globes administrator, the Preliminary Assessment Report will be available to view from your Green Globes Project Dashboard. This report includes the projected score, score details, point variances, assessor recommendations, and a list of criteria requiring verification during the final assessment.

Step 6. Update the online questionnaire when construction is complete. When the Preliminary Assessment for your project is complete, you will gain access to the Final Assessment. This assessment also contains a questionnaire, but the responses and scoring are pre-populated based on the responses from the Preliminary Assessment. This means you will only need to update the questionnaire if something has changed since the design review. Essentially, you are confirming the "as-built" condition of the project relative to initial construction documents. If any project documentation was missing during the Preliminary Assessment, you will need to upload it to your project now.

Step 7. Submit for final assessor review. When you are satisfied your responses are accurate, click "Submit for Assessor Review" on the project dashboard. Once again, you will be shown a list of criteria that have not yet been answered (if applicable) and will have the opportunity to complete them. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, you will no longer be able to change your responses.

Step 8. Purchase verification services. If you have not already paid for the Final Assessment - Assessor Review, you will do so at this time.

Step 9. Assessor performs final review. Depending on your project, this may be a virtual site visit or an in-person site visit. Regardless, the assessor will review the final questionnaire responses and any additional documentation provided, perform a walkthrough of the fully-constructed (but, preferably, unoccupied) building, and conduct an interview with the project team to discuss any outstanding items. You will be given approximately one week after the site visit to provide any missing documentation, at which time your assessor will finalize the Assessor Worksheet and the project's Green Globes score.

Step 10. Review the Final Assessment Report. When the Assessor Worksheet has been finalized and approved by a Green Globes administrator, your Final Assessment Report will be available to view within the Green Globes online system. The report contains the final score, score details, point variances, and recommendations for improvement on future projects. In addition, you will receive a letter from the assessor summarizing the results and issuing the formal Green Globes rating and certification.

Step 11. Order a plaque (optional). If desired, you may order a plaque to celebrate your accomplishment. Additional details can be found here.