What is the cost of Green Globes certification?

Creating an Account

There is no cost to create a Green Globes account, add projects, and complete the questionnaire in Free Trial mode.

Project Registration

$2,000 CAD per project. This fee allows full access to the Green Globes online software and must be paid in advance.

Third-Party Verification and Certification

Projects pursuing formal certification under Green Globes must undergo two Assessor Reviews (Preliminary and Final) during which a third-party assessor verifies the client responses within the questionnaire against the project construction documents and performs a virtual or in-person site visit. The fees for these reviews must be paid in advance and are based on building size, as follows:

Gross Floor Area

New Construction

Sustainable Interiors

Under 5,000 ft²



5,000 - 9,999 ft²



10,000 - 49,999 ft²



50,000 - 99,999 ft²



100,000 - 299,999 ft²



300,000+ ft²



Disclaimer: This pricing is valid for 2021 only and is provided only for guidance. Each project has unique issues-such as size, boundaries, energy system choices, single building vs. campus, parking, and other issues-that require review by a GBI staff person before a formal quote can be issued. Caution should be used in referencing this pricing. If pricing is needed to formulate a proposal to a secondary customer, please request a formal quote from GBI prior to including estimated pricing in your proposal. Your building's unique issues can be explored by contacting a GBI team member by phone at (503) 274-0448 x112 or via email at

Assessor Travel Fees

As of July 1, 2020, an in-person site visit is mandatory for buildings over 100,000 ft². In-person site visits require payment of an Assessor Travel Fee of $1,500 CAD. Buildings ≤100,000 ft² are eligible for a virtual site visit. In addition, a virtual site visit is an option for remote areas and during periods of restricted travel and/or social distancing.

Complexity Fees

May apply to complex buildings that require additional energy modeling review, have multiple separate spaces, or project complexity. Complexity fees range from $1,750 to $5,000. A GBI staff member will notify you at the time of requesting a quote if a complexity fee is a possibility. Buildings that would fit into this category: Hospitals, Labs, Buildings with labs, Energy production facilities, Manufacturing Plants, 24-hour inpatient care facilities, Buildings with 4 or more space types.


If desired, a Green Globes plaque can be ordered directly from a third-party vendor after the project has attained certification.

GBI Membership

GBI is a membership-driven organization seeking future industry leaders. Organizational memberships start at $500 and provide discounts on project registration and training. In addition, individual professional memberships are granted to those who have attained certification as a Green Globes Professional (GGP). Additional details on membership pricing and benefits can be found here.