Green Globes Criteria

For Sustainable Interiors in Canada, the main categories are:

  1. Project Management (120 points)

  2. Energy (180 points)

  3. Water (65 points)

  4. Resources (245 points)

  5. Emissions (45 points)

  6. Indoor Environment (275 points)

  7. Space and Amenities (70 points)

The total number of points is 1,000

Not applicable

Not all criteria are relevant to all projects in all circumstances. Where it is impossible for a project to meet certain criteria or where certain areas are not within the scope of the project, these can be marked "not applicable". This may apply for example where the project does not meet criteria for water efficient washroom fixtures because there are no washrooms in the tenancy. "Not applicable" conditions are well defined in the question tips, for example: “Are residential clothes washers Energy Star labelled with a maximum water factor of 23 L/m3 Tip: Mark "not applicable" where there are no clothes washers.”