What is the cost of Green Globes certification?

Setting up an Account and Pre-design assessment

There is no cost to set up a Green Globes account, enter projects and complete the Pre-design stage.

Online assessment leading to certification

$1,500 per project. This covers use of the online tool, and access is granted when payment is received. It does not include verification and certification of a Green Globes rating.

Verification and Certification

Under 500 m² (5,000 sq. ft.)


500-1,000 m² (5,000-10,000 sq. ft.)


1,000-3,000 m² (10,000 - 30,000 sq. ft.)


3,000-10,000 m² (30,000 - 100,000 sq. ft.)


More than 10,000 m² (100,000 sq. ft.)


Payment of fees is required prior to verification.


The Green Globes glass plaque is optional and can be ordered from a 3-party vendor - Ordering Green Globes Plaques.