Integrated Design Process

How do I use Green Globes Sustainable Interiors as a part of Integrated Design Process?

The Green Globes self-assessment questionnaires provide an excellent basis with which to conduct integrated design charrettes.

Since ninety percent of design decisions are typically made during the first ten percent of the design process, using an integrated approach can help ensure that sustainability goals are established before design decisions have been made, and that these are monitored throughout each stage of the project. This helps to avoid unclear goals, disjointed efforts and miscommunications between team members. Many design teams often jump on the green bandwagon late in the design process after the majority of basic design choices have already been made. Making meaningful changes this late in the process is costly and in some cases impossible. Experience has shown that using integrated design produces cost economies and achieves a greater degree of sustainability compared to the conventional design process.

In addition to the section called Basic Information, which captures tombstone project data, there are four Green Globes self-assessment questionnaires, one for each key stage of the project delivery.

Predesign - This optional self-assessment questionnaire is offered to guide the integrated design process, identify goals and get an indication of the rating that is likely to be achieved. It is FREE.

Construction Documents – This stage is required for preliminary certification.

Post-construction Documents – This stage is required for final certification.