Stages of Project Delivery

Three Stages of the Integrated Design Process for Sustainable Interiors

Predesign (free and optional)

This initial self-assessment questionnaire at the Pre-design stage helps the design team to identify the performance targets and select the energy and sustainability criteria that are applicable or relevant to the design. It also gives an indication of the potential score that is likely to be achieved. Finally, the criteria are written in such a way that they can be formulated as Environmental Intent under the under Specification Section 010000.

Construction Documents (leads to Design Certification)

The Construction Documents stage assessment takes place when the design and production documentation (working drawings and specifications) are completed and the project is ready to go for bid (or construction, in the case of design-build). Once the Construction Documents self-assessment questionnaire is completed to the satisfaction of the project team and the appropriate references have been entered, the project is ready to be verified. Based on the results of the third party review and verification, the Green Globes rating and certification for the Design is issued.

Post-construction (leads to Final Certification)

Several of the Green Globes criteria, which relate to site management during construction as well as those requiring certain installation procedures can only be signed off by the contractor or builder once the building has been constructed. The Post-construction assessment serves to confirm that the design criteria that were checked off in the Construction Documents assessment questionnaire are still valid (i.e. "as built"). Once the project has been constructed, the team and the contractor complete the Post-construction assessment questionnaire and submit it to the Verifier, in order to obtain Final Certification.