Getting Started

Getting Started

First you must open an account for Green Globes Canada Sustainable Interiors (SI).

Note that accounts registered for the previous version of Green Globes Fit-up may also be used - if you have an existing Green Globes Fit-up account, you do not need to re-register; simply log in using your login id and password.

If you do not have an account, click here to open an account and choose a login id and password. Provide contact information and click “Save & Continue.” You will be contacted by Green Globes administration within 24 hours to confirm and activate the account.

You may then add as many new projects as you wish by clicking on “Add new project” at the bottom of your home page. Complete as much as possible of the project Basic Information in the “Add Project” form, and then click the “Save & Continue” button at the foot of the form.

Once a project has been added into the account, you may proceed to the optional Pre-design stage. The Pre-design stage allows you to select all the goals/ criteria that are relevant and apply to your project and obtain an indication of the score that you would achieve based on your responses. Or you may, at any time, register a project for a flat fee of $1,500. This enables you to proceed to the next stages of the assessment process, leading up to certification.

To find out how to certify a project see Certification Procedure .

How do I access my Sustainable Interiors project?

To access a project already within the system log in to your Green Globes Sustainable Interiors User Account. From your account home page, select the project.